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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

You also may or may not have seen me on:

Listen to my tennis / life / comedy podcast here:
Listen to my tennis/life/comedy podcast here
Michael Kosta
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I went on a date with a woman in a wheelchair…

I stood her up.

That's when she fell for me.

Kosta in action

Big Cloud Big Cloud

Condoms are for pussies!

I did, in fact, write a book on tennis.
Get it here:
101 Tips for winning more tennis matches
I used to be ranked #864 in the world in tennis. I made $11,000 over 4 years on tour. That's why I'm now a comedian. Michael Kosta
Click met stupid

I just bought my girlfriend a ring…
the nuva ring.

Family all over the place
Toddles and TT!
Dogs Dylan and Lucy
Friends Fish and Bean
SI Swimsuit models - Crowd Goes Wild
Family watching my comedy
Baby Michael
TV Legend with Regis Philbin
Merry Xmas from the whitest family ever
Playboy Radio / TV
Family St Pats day
Todd and I in my limo
Being the youngest sucks
Perks of the job
Fox Sit Com taping (canceled)
Security at Comedy Central taping
My gay friend!
So delicious
Mom and Dad and Ellie
Garden Fence Top Garden Fence

The Down to Earth Garden

Enjoying your stroll through my website? Great. You've now reached the halfway point between the sky and hell, my Down to Earth Garden. Relax for a moment, you deserve it.

Here you'll find my favorite people on the planet. They have known me since I was a tiny human and helped shape me into the self-centered comedian that I am today.

(This garden is 100% all natural bio organic.)

Garden Michael

Below the surface

The man behind the comedian

Social Media Hell
Without my fans i Am nobody
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